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FAQ about property rental in Prague

Can I rent on a month to month basis?

Yes, this could be a possibility but you must keep in mind that this type of agreement has a one month notice period for termination on both sides.

Do I need to pay for utilities or are they included in the rental fee?

In most cases the utilities are not included in the rental fee but this can be negotiated with the landlord.

How much deposit do I have to pay the landlord?

The security deposit payable to the landlord is usually two months rent.


Can I have overnight visitors?

Yes, this is not a problem as long as they don't become regular tenance.

Who do I call if there is a power shortage?

In case of a power shortage you should call the landlord, contact person or the management firm depending on who you are renting from.

What form of payment does a landlord accept?

Under normal circumstances a bank transfer is the preferred form of payment but cash is also acceptable.

Do I loose the deposit if I need to move out before the rental agreement is up?

If the move takes place within the first year of the rental period than most likely the deposit will be lost but this can be negotiated with the landlord.

Can I terminate the rental agreement if my landlord does not fix problems such as lack of hot water, heating/cooling, broken plumbing etc.?

Yes, within 8 days following a written notice stating the situation.

Can I sub-let the property in case I need to go away for a while?

Yes, as long as you receive written consent from the landlord.