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Prague - City of beer
In the Czech Republic beer consumption has a unique tradition...check out our short Guide to Bohemian Beer!
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Newest properties in Prague
Our newest and most fashionable apartments for rent and for sale
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Best deals of Prague – Top 3 offers
Eagerly wait to see the most exclusive properties in Prague?
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Real estate investment options in Prague
Let's take a look at what offers the charming Czech capital city
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What's hot in the world of kitchen design?
Even if you need a renovation or just want to refresh the color scheme, here are the 2018 trends of kitchens
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Exclusive restaurants in Prague
If you are thinking of visiting Prague, the first thing you should try is the amazing restaurants and bars.
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Leisure time - alias why it is good to live in Prague?
Prague can absolutely provide much experience of all the culture, attractions, night life and programs.
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Enjoy Christmas Festivities with us
Christmas fairs are running from 25th November 2016 - 6th January 2017
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Prague Lifestyle – Fashion boutiques
Since the Velvet Revolution, Prague had the opportunity to follow the West.