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Property of the Season: Winter 2019 – Exclusive Art Noveau Apartment with Castle View
This time, we would like to present you one of our favourite properties in Prague which is available for rent.
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Halloween and All Souls’ Day in the Czech Republic
Halloween is not an official festival in the Czech Republic, though people organize events on October 31 in connection with the holiday
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Space is Luxury - Prague
‘Why minimalism is so fashionable nowadays?’ has been asked on design blogs many times before. But what does the realtor say?
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Is the Czech law pro-landlord?
Can a landlord and his tenant freely agree in the Czech Republic? We give you the answers to all rent-related questions.
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3 things to know before buying property in the Czech Republic
Skyrocketing real-estate prices present challenges to buyers let that be local or foreigner. Here are some key points to consider...
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Why selling your property now is the way to go?
Despite rising prices, Prague flats are an investment opportunity for foreigners in whose country the return is lower on Real Estate.
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How to not waste energy at home?
Are you aware of your property's consumption? Learn the basics with this article.
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Debunking The Top 7 Myths About Real Estate Agents
Don't believe these misconceptions about Real Estate agencies and realtors
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Home decor trends in 2019
This year is bringing fantastic home designs. Read on and watch out for the trends...